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As teachers, we often complain that students do not pay attention in the class or they are not ready to learn. They throw tantrums, they disobey, the feel sleepy, they get agitated, they don’t write in class, they don’t do their homework assignments etc. However, my experience is that it’s not always student’s fault. Many times, it is teachers’ fault too sometimes. Teachers aren’t prepared with their lessons so what they serve in the class in half baked. I’ m very sure none of us will lap up anything half – baked. Then why blame students? The other times, teachers prepare their lectures well. They make thorough notes, consult different books, make worksheets too. But sometimes we have students in classroom who learn better with audio – visual aids or practical’s. So, our lectures fall on deaf ears. Is it the kids’ fault? No. As teachers it is our responsibility to make use of all the aids available so that a variety of learners will grasp the concept. This variety will also make
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Let's Do It

Hello everyone! I hope all of you are having a good time at school, excited about the new developments at school, the new changes we are trying to bring in and the events that are in the pipeline. It is your participation, your inputs and your proactiveness that would make everything a roaring success. There is just one more thing that I would like to ask for- please remain motivated. Yes, that’s the catch. To remain motivated is the biggest challenge these days. So many times, I have seen smiling faces, bubbling with energy, raring to go at the time of interview becoming dull after a week in the class. I want all my educators to have a genuine smile on their faces. I agree that times are tough. We do not have the same atmosphere in the class which was there when we were students. In our time, teachers were given utmost respect and the child was taken to task if there was any complain from the school. If any note regarding our disobedience or insincerity reached our parents, t

Transforming Personality

The one and only way to work is to enjoy. Very few find enjoyment in their work and take it as an obligation. For them it is not work, it is a burden. It is truly said,” If you enjoy what you do, you never work a single day in your life”. I was fortunate enough to have discovered the field which makes me feel happy. Oxford Public School has provided me a platform that has not only enhanced but transformed my personality and I have thoroughly enjoyed that transformation. Here, I am not only an educator but a learner. I have strongly come to believe that one should never stop learning. Working here has really enriched my skills and has boosted up my confidence. I believe I have become a smarter and more confident person. From the curriculum to the extra- curricular activities, not only the students but the educators too, get their personality revamped as each day brings new learning experiences. These experiences are largely responsible for shaping up the way I am today. Since


It is rightly said "To teach is to learn twice over". I've been teaching for 25 years and there has never been a day I haven't learnt something new. Teaching is not just a job for me, it is what defines me. It gives me a purpose. We often complain about how terrorism can't be fought or how some educated people throw garbage or how kids are becoming lazy in a tech world and the list goes on. It is always easier said than done. Teaching gives me the power to shape our youth into becoming a good person as in the end that is what matters the most. It's been a year I have been working in this school, the experience and exposure I got here is exceptional.   Experience always changes with the schools we teach, but the one I am having here is having a huge impact on my confidence. Colleagues here are positive competitors and good personal friends. This environment is best suited to grow as a person and individual. Freedom I get here in the process of teaching hel

Awaken the learner

Please check the link before you read the write-up. This beautiful short film by Nitin Das made me pen down skills that can be tried in class to change and motivate our students. The student-teacher relationship has changed a lot over the time. I'm certain all teachers will agree that the picture was drastically different when we were on the other side of the fence. In the present age, the best lessons, books and materials in the wold won't get students excited about learning if they are not motivated. Even the most educated teacher with best of intentions, sometimes lack motivational skills. So whether you are a new teacher or an experienced one, let us try using some techniques to motivate our beloved students so that they can achieve their true potential. First and foremost, we need to give students a sense of control. Let them choose the type of assignment they do. Let them decide which problem will they work on. Following instruc

Teaching beyond the books

Education system teaches students to work more on material and less on people. Weapons are not only on the border of China and India but in every class and every house. We tell students to be the best in the whole class and that too to every child. How is it possible? We have books which teach us opposite of night is day, opposite of man is woman, opposite of sun is moon and opposite of servant is master. But if we will see these words in context of practical world they are complimentary. I think they compete each other. Just to teach a concept of grammar we teach students to make comparison and these words are locked in human mind for whole life. One such comparison I saw few days back as the headlines of a newspaper. “Girls are leading the race and scoring the highest marks in Class XII”. Was there any gender based competition going on? How does it matter? Teach students to identify people on the base of their talent not on gender. I saw a picture in one of the books o

Secrets of a Teacher's Ward

It has been a year I passed my 12th grade and began a new journey of my life, but the memories of Oxford Public School have not yet faded. It has been a long journey with some ups and downs, a lot many things a child experiences in his school days - bunking a class, roaming around the corridors, standing outside Principal’s office, parents being called for annual report and what not. I am pretty sure most you might have experienced all of this, but to everyone’s surprise all of this never happened with me because my mother teaches in OPS. I find this blog the right platform where I can explain how it is to be a teacher’s ward. It is definitely fun. You are neither ghar ka na ghat ka :D . Classmates see you as a potential tale-teller and teachers expect you to be a perfect student!  I always studied in the school where my mother taught and for a year she was my class teacher too. So in my 15 years of schooling, I never missed her. We literally spent 24 hours together under th